Randy L. Weisz, D.D.S.

Expert Care for Beautiful Smiles 

Personalized Dental Care on Queen Anne

Photo of Randy WeiszWith over 25 years of compassion, experience, excellent training and good judgment, Dr. Weisz's Dental practice in Seattle provides high quality care in a comfortable relaxing and safe environment.

We are a small general dental practice conveniently located on the top of beautiful Queen Anne Hill, minutes from downtown Seattle. Being small, we are able to give each patient our undivided attention. We don’t have rows of dental chairs with patients lined up waiting hours to see the dentist. Dr.Weisz and his highly-trained staff treat patients one at a time.

As a general practice we provide a wide variety of services to our patients. Over the years, however, Dr.Weisz has developed a special interest doing cosmetic and restorative Dentistry. He loves healthy, beautiful teeth! They are his joy, his passion, and his life! It has been said, that the eyes are the windows to the soul, but in his book, hands down, it’s a warm, attractive healthy smile.

Many people take their teeth for granted, but when you think about it, your teeth do so much for you. From chewing food, to speaking, to opening plastic bags... (wait, scratch that one), they are an integral, although sometimes unappreciated part of our lives. An attractive smile can open so many doors. With smile makeovers, utilizing whitening, and braces and veneers, we enjoy being able to help our patients change their appearance and in some cases their lives!

We look forward to making your smiles brighter!

Author: Randy Weisz