Specialty Care

Some dentists feel they have to do every single procedure themselves. The advantage of that is you never have to go to another office. Since dentistry has become so advanced and high tech, it is very difficult, if not impossible for one doctor to stay on the cutting edge of every aspect of your care.

Our goal is to deliver top-notch results. When a complex situation arises, we use a network of highly trained, board certified specialists – each an expert in their field. That way you are assured of receiving the best are possible. In some cases, you may be asked to travel to another nearby office, but the results you will receive are well worth it.

Also, we use the very best dental laboratories. Our technicians are extensively trained in their field. In addition to be true artists, they have specialized knowledge in the use of metals and ceramics. They use a combination of high tech computer aided machinery and hands on techniques to custom make each restoration, ensuring each to be extremely life like in appearance and durable.

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