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Customer Reviews

A letter from Dr. Jay R. Skidmore, PhD, Professor and Chair, Clinical Psychologist, Seattle Pacific University, August 2009:

I am writing simply to thank you. You have been most generous in your recent work on my teeth, spending more time than you could actually bill for, to really do things right. In so many areas of healthcare, where everyone seems too busy to care, you have been a notable and nobile exception. In fact, over the many years you have been my dentist, I have been impressed over and over again by your gentle manner as well as your expertise. Likewise, your staff, especially your hygenists and dental assistants have been a cut above the rest.

Review from Mary H., Angie's List, July 2011:

Dr. Weisz is amazing. I really like his services. He is great and I would recommend him. I have been with him for a few years now. He really understands his patients and he is the first dentist that I have been to that has bi-annual cleaning.

Review from Rosemary C., Angie's List, September, 2010:

Dr. Weisz is very thorough in his practice. It’s easy to schedule an appointment to consult him. I can fix an appointment even via an email. The hygienist is very good in the practice. The best thing is that my insurance is accepted in the practice. I like his services and will continue to use the same in future.

Review from Megan W., Yelp, June 2010:

Love Dr. Weisz. He spends more time looking at my teeth than any other dentist ever has. He's a really comfortable person to talk to and he takes his time explaining everything. The hygenist is great too!

Review from Connie W., Yelp, November 2009:

Dr. Weisz is one of the best dentists I have ever had. He is very patient, detailed and friendly. Even though I am on the East Side, it's worth the drive to go all the way to Queen Anne to see him. He has also treated my mom on her full-mouth denture. He is wonderful, professional and takes time to do a perfect job. I would recommend him to anybody, young and old. The office has recently been remodeled, small but comfortable. I prefer the small office, more personable. Thanks Dr. Weisz.

Review from Rosemary C., Angie's List, September, 2009:

I first went to Dr. Weisz in July for a new patient exam and a cleaning. In September I went back in with a potential broken tooth, thinking I might need a crown. Dr. Weisz was recommended to me by a dental assistant friend who has worked in many Seattle clinics and says he is 1 of 2 dentists she will let touch her teeth. A hygienist friend also recommended this office as having excellent hygienists. My first visit was great, and I was seen right on time. Dr. Weisz did the most thorough exam that I have ever had. His equipment seems brand new, xrays are digital so results are instant. He was communicative (I like it when docs explain what they are doing and why and explain the results) as well as gentle. I felt extremely confident. I was having some cold sensitivity and he spent a good deal of time helping me pinpoint the location, made sure there was no damage (fissures, etc.) and then gave me a desensitizer to bring home, which worked very well. Dr. Weisz did not seem rushed at all, really took his time. The hygienist was great and did a very, very good and thorough job cleaning my teeth, taking about 45 minutes. The second visit was after I bit down on a walnut shell in some food and had some pressure sensitivity. Dr. Weisz was able to see me within a day of calling. He did a very thorough job of checking and testing the tooth to make sure that it wasn't damaged, including nerve health tests. Fortunately my tooth is fine, and after that exam I believe it!

Review from CSMobileUser, CitySearch, May 2009:

Dr Weisz - great dentist and friendly staff!

Review from Arlene S., Angie's List, March 2009:

He is very friendly and meticulous. There have been occasions where he was not satisfied with his work, when I thought that it was fine and he redid the procedure. He explains things well and also answers my questions. He is up to date with the latest technology and has the computerized x-ray.

Review from Matt R., Yelp, February 2009:

Dr Weisz does a good job and his staff are super-friendly. He's a nice guys and very professional. They always have availability and are very flexible if you need to reschedule. Will accept competing dentist coupons for teeth whitening if you're looking for a freebie. Nice and convenient if you're located at the top of Queen Anne.
Author: Randy Weisz